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Best Return on Investment Home Improvements

Best Return on Investment Home Improvements

Here are the best ROI projects for your home, including the average cost and why you should invest in each:

Steel entry door The ROI is a pretty sweet incentive to make your house look nicer this year. 

  • National average cost: $1,162 

  • ROI: 96.6%. 

Wood deck addition A nice deck off the back of the house creates an outdoor living area where you can work, play, or simply enjoy the view.

  • National average cost: $9,539 

  • ROI: 87.4% 

Fiber cement siding Fiber cement siding offers many benefits, including superior resistance to pests, mold, and fire. 

  • National average cost: $13,378 

  • ROI: 87% 

Attic bedroom When you need more space, look up: attics are often under-used and certainly under-appreciated. Turning the attic into a bedroom can, give you a space for guests or just spruce up the interior for resale value. 

  • National average cost: $49,438

  • ROI: 84.3% 

Garage door replacement A new garage door can boost your curb appeal, change the overall look of your garage and give you more security. 

  • National average cost: $1,534 for mid-range; $2,791 for upscale

  • ROI: 83.7% for mid-range; 82.9% for upscale 

Minor kitchen remodel A minor kitchen remodel can include new cabinet fronts and hardware, energy-efficient appliances, fresh flooring, new laminate countertops, and a mid-range sink and faucet. 

  • National average cost: $18,856 

  • ROI: 82.7% 

  • DIY: Call in the pros for most of this, and finish the small jobs yourself. 

Window replacement Whether you choose wood or vinyl, new windows can work wonders for your home's overall look. 

  • Wood windows 

  • National average cost: $10,926 for mid-range; $16,798 for upscale

  • ROI: 79.3% for mid-range; 74% for upscale 

  • Vinyl windows

  • National average cost: $9,978 for mid-range; $13,385 for upscale 

  • ROI: 78.7% for mid-range; 76.6 for upscale

Disclaimer: Please note that the resources listed by New Hope Community Church are not to be substituted for professional recommendations by your financial planner, real estate agent, loan officer, or other professional. New Hope Community Church is not responsible for the outcomes of the articles, videos, or ideas provided.

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