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NEW HOPE KIDS (ages birth - 6th grade)

New Hope Kids is our children's church program, for kids birth - 6th grade.   We use a fun and interactive Bible-based curriculum, specifically designed for your child's age and developmental level. 


New Hope Kids is up and running, and ready to safely serve YOUR kids!  Here's how to connect:


  • New Hope Kids Online (June 2020-February 2022) - Episodes are available anytime on the New Hope Eastlake YouTube channel, in the New Hope Kids Playlist.


  • New Hope Kids In Person - nursery care for babies under 2, and classes for children 2 years old-6th grade  are available every Sunday during our adult worship services at 9am and 10:30am. 

Planning on attending with your kids for the first time??  Save time and pre-register them HERE and bring the confirmation with you when you bring your kids to church!



We want your kids to WANT to come to New Hope Kids every week!

Learn About Jesus

We want your kids to learn about God and how incredibly special they are to Him.



We want your kids to build relationships with each other, trusted adults and with God.

New Hope Kids


WEDNESDAYS at 6:30pm

On Campus

KSG is a program designed to enhance the experience and learning of the children at New Hope. Structured much like our Adult Small Groups, KSG is designed to support and supplement the lessons children hear during Sunday’s New Hope Kids program. KSG provides a comfortable small group experience for kids to be among peers and consistent leaders, while discussing what they learn on Sunday.

Kids do not need to be present on Sundays, as lessons will be reviewed and then children will discuss and engage in various activities,crafts or games related to their weekly lesson.

Registration not required.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Parent Resources

Leading your kids in their spiritual development can seem pretty overwhelming.  Keep in mind though, that you do NOT have to have all of the answers, and you don’t have to do it alone or come up with your own Bible reading plans!  Start by setting aside a few minutes each day to read God’s word, talk about it, and then pray together.  In doing this, you will accomplish three HUGE things:


  1. Grow and discover together.  It’s ok to discover new things about God together.  In fact it’s GREAT! It’s showing your child that God will continue to reveal more about Himself if we keep seeking.  The conversations that stem from this time will truly help to mould your child’s ideas about God, and will stay with them their whole lives.

  2. Model what it means to put God first.  When your child sees you making God a priority, it speaks volumes.  You’re not only teaching good spiritual habits, but you’re showing your child that their relationship with God is important enough to make time for every day.

  3. Learn and grow in your own spiritual walk.  You will see scripture through fresh eyes, and deepen your own relationship with God.


New Hope Kids is honored and privileged to be able to partner with you in this area.  Below you will see just a few ideas and resources available to you.  Please feel free to contact me anytime you would like to preview any of these materials, or just want to talk.




Brook Price,

New Hope Kids Director

Image by Ben White

New Hope Kids Safety

How we protect your child:


Your child's safety is our top priority at New Hope Kids!   All of our volunteers are carefully screened, and received specialized safety training as well as thorough background checks.  We also provide secure check in and check out, ensuring that your child is always with the right people.  New Hope Kids is a team.  As a team we are committed to working together to ensure the safety of every child entrusted to our care.

Kids are to important to God and they are important to us! 


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