New Hope After School is preparing to reopen beginning the week of October 5, 2020. Because of current COVID - 19 regulations, no classes will take place inside the facility until further notice. However we will offer outside classes as well as online classes. Several County - approved protocols will be in place covering the following procedures for all outside classes: admission or exclusion due to symptoms of COVID - 19, hygiene measures, personal belongings brought to class, arrival/departure procedures, and visitors. Restrooms will not be available. 


Registration for all classes will begin on Monday, Aug. 31. Listed below you will see a brief description of each class. Outside classes will take place on the New Hope campus. After you register you will be e-mailed a New Hope After School COVID - 19 Parent Handbook. It will explain all protocols and procedures for outside classes.  If you register your child in an online class before classes begin you will be e-mailed a Zoom ID and Password for that class, as well as further specific instructions.


The consistent implementation of these procedures is meant to significantly reduce the risk of the spread of the COVID - 19 virus and allow us to conduct a safe and fun experience for your child.


All students, instructors, and observing parents/guardians will wear masks and will be socially distanced, abiding by the protocols described above. 


We at New Hope feel responsible to offer our classes with the utmost care and vigilance. Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to cooperate. We look forward to the day when this pandemic is defeated and we can return to in-person classes. Please contact Clint Taylor, Director of New Hope After School at if you need any clarification at all. Please consider registering your child for any of the following classes when registration opens on Aug. 31.  


Archery (Outside)


New Hope After School introduces children, ages 6 to adult, to archery and teaches them the fundamentals of the sport. Safety skills are emphasized as a major priority. Students are also prepared for higher level training. This is a great opportunity for the whole family to join this class together!


Ballet (outside)


Basic ballet structures and etiquette will be taught to students ages 3 - 5. The most basic tech-niques are integrated with creative movement and expression. Age-friendly music and a variety of relevant activities will keep your child meaningfully engaged throughout the class.



Golf (outside)


Golf is an exciting opportunity for boys and girls ages 8 - 12. The class will help students learn and apply basic golf techniques to iron shots, chipping, pitching, and putting. Simple mental aspects of golf, such as concentration and staying positive, will be part of the instruction. 



Hip Hop (Outside)


This class teaches the fundamentals of hip hop movement for students ages 6-10. They are up-beat, fun, and high energy. Stretching, rhythms, body isolation, upper body strength, and foot-work will be incorporated. Students will memorize choreography by working on combinations each class. 


Musical Theater (outside)


The New Hope After School will be offering an outdoor musical theater class for children age 5-13. A unique combination of acting, dancing, and singing, this class is designed to give stu-dents a dynamic overview of the performing arts while allowing them to create, perform, and express themselves. 

Tae Kwon Do (outside)

Classes are for ages 4 - 12 and will focus on hands-free techniques such as kicks, punches, forms, blocks, and exercises that need only visual demonstration. These methods will further the concept of combinations and developing a flow of movement, no contact necessary. The concept of timing will also be a focus. 

Visual Art (online)

Children ages 6 - 11 will be encouraged and equipped to be creative even at home. So  craft kits will be packed for each participant! Parents will receive a list of materials to have on hand at home such as scissors, glue, markers etc. With simple, easy-to-follow instructions via Zoom, we hope to complete a new project each week. Craft kits can be picked up at the church a week ahead of our first Zoom time. An email will be sent with details. This session is all about the Fall/Christmas season and its holidays! The instructor has chosen simple, fun and ‘accessible’ projects using materials that you can readily find in local stores or things you will have around the house. Any unusual art-making items such as oil pastels, specialty papers or pinecones will be provided in the kits. Our format includes social time before crafting and a few fun Zoom games to play after clean-up time.

Academic Tutoring (in-person)

New Hope After School Tutors offers academic help for 7th - 12th-grade students in Math and English. They assess, assist, and encourage the students in the learning processes. Our tutors also review materials used by teachers in school classrooms, explain various topics, and address doubts and questions of the student regarding to that topic. Their function is as a supplement to classroom teaching. They will review the instructional materials already in use, explain relevant topics, and address doubts and questions of students regarding those topics. Classes will be in person on the church campus.